45 Funniest ‘Damn You Auto Correct’ Mishaps of 2013

Bad spellers rejoice at the auto-correct function, but without proper supervision, it can ruin your life. Each year, we give thanks for the proper spelling of "pencil," but some texters don't have such luck Damn You Auto Correct — the popular blog dedicated to blasting your texting misfortunes across the Internet — gathered its most popular typing mishaps of the year. See also: 20 Searches Made Ridiculous by Google Autocomplete This year's crop of auto in -corrects also includes messages misunderstood by Siri , who would kindly ask that you not mumble.

       Intended word: "Gangnam," not "gangbang."

    Intended word: "Rotator," not "gator."


         Intended word: "Circumstances," not "circumcision."

     Intended word: "Fuels," not "girls."

        Intended word: "Kitties," not "titties."

    Intended word: "Pencil," not "penis."

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Author: PWorld admin

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